Corporate Events

Bring a burst of creativity to your office


Why the Bubble Tea Lady?

​We bring fun and creativity to every kind of large or small company/corporate event you would have. We have done  Holiday parties, Employee appreciation days, Company picnics and random afternoon breaks - you name it, we’ll be there!  We set right up at your workplace and serve up lots of fun along with some of the finest bubble tea around - you can’t beat that! 

We also have adapted our serving methods to comply with the CDC regulations so you can feel confident when The Bubble Tea Lady shows up!!!

We believe that everyone is unique and creative, so why can’t your drink be the same? 

We have a large variety of Bubble Flavors and Purees and part of the fun is mixing both of them together for a unique drink, then trying something different next time. 
SO have fun creating your own customized bubble drink!

It’s a great break in the normal workday for your employees or a fun burst added to any company HOLIDAY PARTY  OR GET TOGETHERS.


Everyone has a burst of fun when The Bubble Tea Lady shows up!!!



Indianapolis, IN


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