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Deliver and Set up Only Large This is great for Larger DIY graduation, birthday, office parties and will serve 100 people or less

You will get the following.

  • 10 - 16 oz tubs of bubbles - you choose up to 5 different flavors - this will serve a minimum of 100
  • 5 Bubble Scoops
  • 100 - 16 oz cups lids and straws
  • Inflatable tub to hold bubbles on ice
  • Ice to fill tub – If we set up

If you want us to deliver to your event space within a 15-mile radius & set it up cost is - $175.00

If you want us to meet up with you within a 15-mile radius and hand it over cost is $135.00

If you want to add drinks, purees, and more check out the alicart page.  Call us and we can work out the perfect event for you


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